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Used car shopping? The best kept secret is ELECTRIC

Used car shopping? The best kept secret is ELECTRIC

For many drivers, buying a brand-new car is not something that fits their budget. What few consumers realize is that over 80% of the first generation of affordable electric vehicles (EVs) were leased, so that many plug-ins are now entering the used car market. Great deals on used electric cars is a best kept secret, now exposed.

Manny Rodrigues of Raynham was one such recent used car buyer who found himself in the know. “There are many low mileage, used electric vehicles at amazing deals,” he explained. “I had been watching the prices of one model for over a year.” Rodrigues chose a used electric BMW that was actually on the lot of a local Nissan dealer. The BMW i3 REx is a range extended electric car also known as a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV for short. It runs primarily on electricity charged from the grid, and also has a backup engine to provide additional mileage on demand so that range is never a concern. “Basically, it’s my every day car. The instant power and smooth quiet ride make the trip enjoyable. It also provides me with additional mileage when needed, which is not that often.”

Local incentives from Taunton Municipal Light Plant, (TMLP), his electric utility, also factored in his decision to buy. “I knew about another electric utility that was providing benefits to EV drivers so decided to check the TMLP website for similar programs,” explained Rodrigues. In addition to offering incentives for drivers to charge their cars during off-peak time and to upgrade to faster home charging, TMLP offers a program called Next Drive, a $450 rebate for the purchase or lease of a new or used EV. Rodrigues got his 2015 i3 with just 22k miles for around $16k, and “fueling” the car has been easy for him. “I charge my car mostly at home, but am also able to top off at work where we have an outdoor outlet.” Rodriguez was always a car guy since he was very young, and now does not plan to ever buy another gasoline only car again. “Not having to deal with normal maintenance items, worn out components and fuel costs has saved me money and time.”

Local used car dealers and EV incentive programs previously focused on new cars are also taking notice. At a well-known pre-owned/used car dealer in Taunton, the auction buyer is bringing affordable used plug-ins into the regular inventory, such as a 2013 model recently listed for just $9,988. The non-profit Green Energy Consumers Alliance is also getting involved in supporting the used EV market. “We just soft-launched our used car portal,” said Anna Vanderspek of GECA’s Drive Green Program. “It’s currently only populated with 4 deals, but there are many more to come.”

TMLP offers customer support and incentives through its EV program called TMLP Drives Electric. Incentives include the 90 Cents a “Gallon” Club (off-peak charging) and $300 Level 2 charging rebate. MGED is also launching EV charging incnetives in 2020. For more information, use the contact form on this website, email or call 1-833-443-8363 to speak with an EV specialist.

Click on he image below to download this Affordable Used Car Guide to Plug-In Electric Vehicles.

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