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By driving a used EV you can benefit from the same convenient fueling, lower maintenance and discounted energy cost, but at a reduced purchase price. With many lightly used vehicles to choose from and convenient dealer locations, your used EV search and acquisition has never been easier.  In order to familiarize yourself with the current affordable used EV models available and the basics of charging a car to “refuel” it, download the 2nd Drive Used Car Guide – Plug-in Electric.

Which electric car you’ll want depends on how many miles you typically drive per day, what types of long trips you plan to take in your vehicle, and how much passenger and cargo space you need. Answering these three personal questions before car shopping will also lead you to the electric models that best fit your lifestyle and needs. 

Curious about the latest new electric cars as well? For an interactive online guide of new EV models, visit our partner Plug in America’s  PlugStar “Browse Electric Cars” tool.

Browse electric vehicle choices with plug in America’s PlugStar.

Plugstar will help you explore your needs and find the best options for you, matching you to the right kind of electric car. Then you can select and compare cars. 


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