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Introducing 2nd Drive

Introducing 2nd Drive

With a new year, comes new beginnings and new electric vehicle rebates. A new program, 2nd Drive, has been rolled out in MGED and TMLP territories, making purchasing high-quality, pre-owned electric vehicles even more affordable than ever before.

Customers of MGED and TMLP are eligible to receive an up to $900 rebate for the purchase of qualified pre-owned electric vehicles through the 2nd Drive Program. This can come in the form of a “cash on the hood” sales agreement discount from participating local used car dealers or can be applied for after the sale for qualifying vehicles purchased from any auto dealer.

The rebate is offered for a variety of electric vehicles, from full Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) that run off electricity alone, to Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) that run off electricity and gasoline, making it easy to find a car that best suits your needs.


Eligibility criteria

In order to qualify, the purchase must meet the following criteria:

  • Vehicle must be a plug in electric (BEV or PHEV), light duty, highway capable, passenger vehicle purchased from a licensed auto dealer.
  • Vehicle must be for personal and not business use.
  • Applicant must be a TMLP or MGED residential utility customer and register the car at the same address as the residential account.
  • For the instant rebate, purchase price must be under $15,000 after the incentive is applied. For after purchase rebate, the net sale price before taxes and fees must be no more than $15,899.
  • Vehicle must not have had more than 2 previous owners.
  • Customers must be in good standing with their utility provider (TMLP or MGED).

All of this can mean getting a better-quality vehicle, with less wear and tear than traditional used gasoline or diesel vehicles, at a fraction of the cost.

You don’t just save when you buy however, but throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. Electric vehicles have less repair requirements than their gasoline/diesel counterparts, meaning less visits to the repair shop and a longer, more stable vehicle life cycle. Electric vehicles also cost significantly less to ‘fuel’ than their counterparts, often costing as little as $1 a ‘gallon’ of electricity to fuel. Add on the numerous other purchasing and charging incentives available, and it is becoming easier and easier to make the switch to electric vehicles, helping the environment and your checkbook.

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