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Back to School (EV Style!)

Back to School (EV Style!)

It’s back to school season! Time to gather the school supplies and get ready to learn new things! It’s not just the kids who can learn something new…so let’s go back to school, EV style!

EV 101: The Basics

First things first: What exactly are EVs and how do they work? The answer to that depends on the type of electric vehicle we’re talking about.

There are two types of electric cars, or plug in electric vehicles (PEVs): Battery electrics (BEVs) which run on electricity only, and plug in hybrid electrics (PHEVs) which can first run on electricity from the battery for a shorter range (often the distance of a daily commute, or more), then seamlessly switch to a full tank of gasoline if the battery gets low.

PHEVs therefore will always have the range you need, and can be driven and fueled just like the car you drive now. Today’s BEVs have more range than 90% of commuters and others drive daily. Some of the same models are available in either BEV or PHEV, such as the Hyundai Ioniq and Kia Niro.

For more information about the differences between ICE vehicles and the types of EVs, view our guide: 


EVs have a great number of benefits, both for you as an individual and for your community. Here is a brief summary of some of the top benefits:

Personal Benefits

  • Convenience: EVs can be easily charged at home, meaning no more gas station visits (or far fewer with a PHEV). What will you do with those extra 4 hours a year?
  • Savings: Because electricity is generally a lot cheaper than gasoline, and there are fewer moving parts needed to make an EV run smoothly, an EV costs less to operate and maintain.

Community Benefits

  • Boosts local economy: EVs provide jobs for those in the energy sector, especially in your small local town municipal light departments!
  • Cleaner air and a healthier, happier earth: Because they reduce or eliminate tailpipe emissions, including air pollutants that cause smog and damage the environment, EVs are kinder to the earth!

Want to learn more about how EVs save time, money, and the environment? Check out some of our blogs:

Incentives – An EV can actually save or even earn you money!

There are numerous rebate and incentive programs available for EV drivers, from state and federal programs to those provided by your local electricity provider. Looking to buy an EV at an affordable cost? Whether new or used, there’s probably a money-saving program for you! Looking to save on your monthly electricity bill? There’s a program for that too! Whether it’s earning rewards for charging your EV during certain off-peak hours (usually at night when you’re sleeping) or a rebate for installing a Level 2 Charging Station, there are countless ways to save! To learn more about specific programs, you can check out the following pages:


With so many EV models out there, it can be hard to figure out which model is right for you. Here are some tools that help you make a well-informed decision:

  • ENE Virtual Test Drive Video Portal: Experience what it is like to get behind the wheel of an electric car from the driver’s point of view- from the comfort of your own home! For this, we’ve selected eight popular plug-in electric models and included a full review video for each. Take your virtual “test drive” now at:
  • PlugStar “Browse Electric Cars” Tool: Choose from a variety of EV models and easily compare features and pricing:

Support Resources/ Learn More

Want to learn even more, in a quick and easy to digest format? Check out our YouTube Channel!

  • ENE Youtube Channel: A new 3-part short video series, An Introduction to Electric Cars, will also get you up to speed on all basics of Electric Vehicles (EVs), their many benefits, vehicle types and charging, available incentives, and tips for choosing and owning your first EV. Hosted by your local EV specialists, each video is informative and less than 10 minutes long. Whether you are new to EVs or have been driving one for a while, there’s something worth checking out! Watch them all, or just choose which most interests you:

Feeling like an expert yet? Want to test your knowledge, and see if you have what it takes to be an EV Ambassador? Contact us to find out more and take our online EValuation!

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us at!

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