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What is it like to take home an EV for 2 days?

Recently ENE’s own Marcos Santiago took a 2 day in-home test use of a Nissan LEAF all-electric car. Mark Scribner, ENE’s Program Manager of Electric Vehicles interviewed Marcos while they took the car out to get themselves coffee. Despite New England’s cold February weather, it was nice and toasty inside the LEAF. In addition to instant electric heat, the LEAF is also equipped with both heated seats and a heated steering wheel.

Mark: Why were you interested in trying out the LEAF electric car for two days?

Marcos: I’ve always been a gadget type of guy, and it’s new technology that intrigues me. This 2-day test was a good idea because the more I drive it, the more comfortable I get with a battery only electric car.

Mark: How does the car’s space and performance compare to what you are driving now?

Marcos: Pretty good space – both my kids who rode in the back seat felt it was comfortable and had at least as much space as my current car.  It also rides a lot smoother and launches off the line faster than my Subaru Impreza Sport Edition.

Mark: How did you charge the car during the two day test?

Marcos: I just charged it in my garage into a regular outlet where I normally plug in my electric saws, and it charges overnight. The car comes with the adapter to do this. It’s fairly simple. I really haven’t needed to use any public charging stations. I’ve had enough charge to go everywhere I needed to and go back home.

Mark: What did you like the most about the car, and what took the most getting used to?

Marcos: It being so quiet is what I like the most…and that’s also what took the most getting used to! For example, when you’re driving you don’t have to raise the radio louder to compete with the engine.

Mark: After this extended test, are you more likely to consider getting an EV in the future?

Marcos: Definitely. It’s been a positive experience all around. My family liked it too. It was fun to drive and really easy to charge in my garage.

Want to take a 2-day test use of a plug-in electric vehicle like Marcos did? Ask your local auto dealer if they can do it, or contact us to see if we can help arrange it for you!

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