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Electric “Fuel” – You Can’t Touch This!

Electric “Fuel” – You Can’t Touch This!

Everyone who drives is very familiar with the task of pulling into a gas station to fuel up their vehicle; it has been a longstanding part of car ownership for decades. However, just because something has been done a certain way for decades, does not mean it’s the best way to go about it. With electric cars, the way you “fuel” or recharge your car leads to a much better “fueling” experience! Not sure if going electric is right for you? To help you make a well-informed decision, here are just some of the many benefits of choosing electric “fuel”.

Cheaper fuel from your local utility

Choosing electric “fuel” is comparatively cheaper than its gasoline counterparts, even during these challenging times. This is especially true if you participate in BELD programs, such as Off-Peak Charging (Bring Your Own Charger, or BYOC). In fact, many municipal programs allow you to fill up your batteries for the equivalent of $1 per gallon, which is still well below the current price at the pump! And don’t forget, while the cost of electricity is easy to plan for, the cost of gasoline can be incredibly hard to predict over the entire year!

Convenience at home

Another great benefit of using electricity to “fuel” your car? Charging it up at home! Just plug it into your home outlet, and your EV will always be ready to go whenever you are. No more planning trips to the gas station. With EVs, your fuel supply is always readily accessible right from the comfort of your own home. This is especially important in colder climates where you can avoid the uncomfortable task of enduring the elements while you refuel. As an added bonus, scheduling your car to finish charging right as you are ready to leave can provide some cabin space warmth for your daily commute or errands.

No more gas station visits

Switching to electric “fuel” or recharging not only saves you money, it also means no more or fewer trips to the gas station. No more fighting for a spot at the pump or having to worry that you’ve disinfected properly after using the pump and/or going inside wearing a mask to pay. Best of all, it means no more messy gas getting on your hands or spilling on your shoes at the station, and no more noticeable oil stains in your garage or your driveway! Electric “fuel” makes it easier than ever to keep both your family and your pocketbook strong and healthy during an uncertain time.

Boosts local economy

In these difficult times, it is more important than ever that we all try to do our part if and whenever possible, to give back to our local economy. By switching to electric “fuel”, you’re not only balancing your budget and making your life easier, but you’re actively supporting the jobs of small-town utility workers, as well as domestic US EV manufacturers.

Cleaner air

Using electric “fuel” is far kinder to the environment than traditional fossil fuels, leading to cleaner air quality for all. Our grid is getting cleaner every day, meaning every time you charge from home, you’re making sure your vehicle keeps the air clean!  What’s better than that?

Still not quite sure about making the switch, or have some general questions about EV’s and electric “fuel”? Feel free to reach out to our EV Specialists at!

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