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Car Shopping From Home – It’s Electric!

Car Shopping From Home – It’s Electric!

Electric Car (EV) shopping can be an arduous process that can take many visits to multiple dealerships where you must go through several sales representatives before you can land on your choice and start signing some paperwork. But thanks to modernizations in business practices, and more recently the crisis surrounding us, many dealers have now adapted their setups to help you the shopper find the perfect EV!

Beginning Your Search

You know you want your next car to be electric, but now want to figure out how to start the process from home? New technologies can sometimes take some work to understand, but luckily, we’ve found and developed some great resources to make your search a breeze.

2nd Drive Resources

To learn about the various models out there and expand your EV knowledge, check out this video we designed to smooth out the EV education experience. For a quick and easy rundown of everything you need to know, feel free to watch our other videos as well. 

We’ve also developed a portal for you the viewer to virtually experience an EV from the safety of your home. Our test drive portal contains links to many compelling EV models and captures the feel of getting behind the wheel of these exciting cars.

2nd Drive offers a Virtual Test Drive Portal featuring some of the most popular EVs in the market. Information is provided on vehicle cost, reliability scores, as well as car review videos and virtual test drives. It’s now easier than ever to quickly and effectively sort through your options.

Click here to start Virtual Test Driving today!

Contact Us to Further Help with Your Search

If you’re still looking for additional information, feeling stuck or unsure about anything EV related, you can reach out to us via our EV Specialist Support email at or 1-833-443-8363.

We may also be able to set you up with a two day test drive, where a dealership would drop off an electric vehicle at your front door to help you get a feel for what extended EV ownership could look like. Call or email us to set you up with specific dealers offering this program.

Bringing your EV home

Once you’ve gotten your EV, don’t forget to take advantage of our charging program incentives. Learn more under CHARGING GUIDE: Rebates and Incentives (Charging) tab.

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