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5 Affordable 200+ mile all-electric cars!

This spring the newest 200+ mile affordable all-electric cars showed up at local auto dealerships. Previously, if one wanted to get an affordable long range all-electric, the choices were limited to the Chevy Volt (238 miles), and the only recently available Tesla Model 3 standard range (220 miles). However now several more automakers just released their own longer-range battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and some of the more affordable ones are already showing up at local auto dealers! Here’s a preview of three of these reasonably priced range champions.

Nissan LEAF Plus: The LEAF has been an affordable and reliable electric car since its launch in 2011, and its appealing re-design in 2018. The range has also evolved from 84 to 114 to the 151 miles with the 2nd generation. The new LEAF Plus offers 224 miles of all-electric range from its larger 62 kWh battery. It also offers better power and acceleration than the standard model, which will continue to be available. The LEAF Plus starts at $36,550 before incentives, which for ENE EV program participants includes a $3,500 manufacturer rebate, federal tax credit and state rebate for a net cost under $25k! (The 151 mile range LEAF is also eligible through ENE for a $5,000 discount.)

Hyundai Kona Electric – Like the Chevy Bolt, the Kona Electric one-part hot-hatch and one-part sub-compact SUV but with 258 miles of all electric range, 20 more than the Bolt. With sharp crossover looks, 201 hp and a 0-60 time of just 6.4 seconds, the Kona Electric doesn’t disappoint.  The Kona Electric starts at $37,995 before incentives.

Kia now offers the Niro EV using the same power train but in a slightly larger crossover package, resulting in a bigger backseat and cargo area while still providing impressive 239 miles of range and similarly impressive driving performance. The Niro EV starts at $38,500 before incentives.

To learn more about these vehicles and current purchase or lease incentives, or to set up a test drive of any one of these affordable long-range electrics contact us, and find out how to save even more by driving electric!

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